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Rudimpex Ltd. is a leading platform (Marketplace) for manufacturers, importers and traders of machinery and garden equipment in Bulgaria developed by us "Premium Online Solutions" Ltd. We give you the opportunity to buy directly from them, the product you need, easily, quickly and most of all profitably, without wasting time and money.

We work hard in all areas, looking for and finding new suppliers to offer you the best possible prices and excellent quality for the products available on the Bulgarian market. All our products we offer have European quality certificates, which is a guarantee for your satisfaction and our good reputation. All our suppliers are leading reputable companies in the sector in which they operate. You can place an order online 24 hours / 7 days a week, from anywhere in Bulgaria. The goods are delivered by courier within 24/48 hours by courier.

Small towns do not have hypermarkets and shops where you can buy the desired machine or tool. Here, the professionals from MarketPro.bg come to your aid, who will consult you free of charge and help you choose. We will quickly arrange the delivery of your shipment to your home at a time convenient for you.

Our site provides you with a comprehensive description of the products offered and the correct technical characteristics so that you can make the right choice for what you are looking for. For better visualization, we also attach a video to some products, which shows how and for what exactly the given machine is used.  

The product line of machines that we produce and offer is huge and diverse. A small part of the machines we offer are: Scythes, Drills, Inverters, Winches, Electricity Generators, Air Compressors, Brush Cutters, Perforators, Hammers, Chainsaws, Drills, Grinders and many others.

MarketPro.bg has over 3000 machines and their number is growing daily. In addition to the machines that we produce ourselves, new machines of already established popular brands are constantly being added to the site. This makes Rudimpex.com one of the best and most competitive sites in the search and selection of machines and equipment for both professional purposes and for every homemaker.

The variety of over 300 brands offering their wide range of items gives you the opportunity to compare both prices and a better product that best meets all your requirements. Rudimpex.com participates with its products leading brands in this field such as Bosch, Makita, Sparky, Pramac, Raider, Dewalt, Metabo, Gardena, Greenyard and others.

The site is developed by the highly qualified specialists of "Premium Online Solutions" Ltd. and is maintained by young and responsive staff. We strive to meet all the requirements of our customers. Product information is constantly updated and updated. Weekly promotions and discounts give you the opportunity to buy the machine you need at a lower price.

In MarketPro.bg you have to shop because:

1. You have a large selection of products and brands
2. Compare and get the best prices on the market in Bulgaria.
3. Don't waste time wandering around shops, factories or warehouses.
4. Save money on countless unnecessary phone calls.
5. You have all the information about the searched item in one place (technical specification *, photos *, video *)

* Please note that the technical characteristics, photos and videos are sometimes examples and may not be completely identical to the real products! Please specify all parameters with our operators!

We will be happy to help you choose a tool or machine!

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