Petrol saws

Petrol saws
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Chain for chainsaw Greenyard - 40cm * out of stock

repair kit for motor hair 52 cc / set of piston-cylinder-segments

repair kit for motor hair 52 cc suitable for all Chinese motor hair with an engine of 52 cc...


chainsaw - wood saw GREENYARD BCCS5200 - 52 cc / 40 cm rail - Warranty 1 year

This model of wood saw has an anti-vibration system on pads and the fuel tank together with the handles is separated from the body and the cutting de..


Верижен трион бензинов BEKGER BG 41 - 2,5 kW / 58 куб/см - 2 години гаранция

Стандартна гаранция - 2 години В комплект с инструменти за обслужване, резервна свещ и въже, защитни ръкавици, предпазни очила, смесителн..


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