Roadside assistance winches

Roadside assistance winches
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Winch 5000 lbs, 12V, Electric, Titan

Attention! The mechanism works only on electric traction. The rope is retracted automatically. Model: 181498. Exceptional resistance to atmospheric in..


Winch 6000 lbs, 12V, Electric, Titan * out of stock

Winch 6000 lbs, 12V, Electric, Titan

Rated Line Pull: 6000LB (2722kg) single line Motor: 1.6hp / 1.2kw 12V, permanent magnet motor Gearbox: 3-speed planetary Gear reduction ratio: 307:1 C..


Winch 8000 Pounds, electric, 12V, Titan

Specifications: Towing capacity: 8000lbs (3629 kg) Motor: 4 hp/2.9kw, 12V, permanent magnet Gearbox: 3-speed planetary, reinforced Brake: Automatic Cl..


Winch 13500 lbs, electric, 12V, Titan

The Titan electric winch is a powerful and reliable solution for lifting and lowering heavy loads and vehicles. This model has a load capacity of up ..


Winch 12000 lbs, 12V, electric, Titan, with synthetic rope

Want to feel calm and confident when you have to pull heavy loads? Looking for reliability and quality when it comes to winches? Then we have the righ..


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